Hypericum Perforatum, St. John’s Wort.

Hypericum, whose Latin name is Hypericum Perforatum, is a perennial plant that grows in Europe and can also be found in Northern Africa and parts of Western Asia. It is very common in Italy, it can be seen blooming in the summer and reaches its heyday on June 24, St. John’s day, the Saint from whom this plant with extraordinary phytotherapy power is named after. In popular tradition, it is harvested on the night that falls between 23 and 24 June, the most magical night of the year, when the universe unleashes all its power, a time when in ancient times magical rituals were brought to fruition.


Why is the Hypericum considered a magical plant?

The Hypericum is known since ancient times as an herbal medicine, used to treat the ailments of the soul, such as depressive states, and those of the body, such as ulcers and burns. A concentrate of popular beliefs that today finds its scientific explanation in the properties present in this herb from which it is possible to extract an extraordinary oil.


Red as the devil who drives away

In popular tradition the Hypericum was hung up at the entrance of homes and above sacred images, as a protective amulet to drive away evil spirits. For this reason, the Hypericum is also known as the Hunting Herb, a powerful remedy against evil in its broadest sense. The oil extracted from the plant is red in colour because it is rich in beta-carotene, a terpenica provitamin contained in carrots and many vegetables, which our body transforms into vitamin A and flavonoids.


Beneficial effects of Hypericum on the skin.


The Hypericum and the tattoo aftercare.
The TA24 formula.

The power of Hypericum in skin care, combined with the beneficial properties of other naturally occurring plants or substances such as hyaluronic acid, has led to the creation of TA24, an innovative formula conceived and produced in Sardinia, at Icnoderm certified laboratories.
The line is dedicated for use and sale by tattoo artists and includes several products for the tattooing process and aftercare: sophisticated remedies that in the hands of professionals become even more effective, to breathe life into their art.