Hypericum Formula For Tattoo Artists.


because it is the formula
designed for you, tattoo artist.


because it is St. John’s day.
And his powerful flowers,
St. John’s wort,
that heals the soul and the body.
Now get to work,
let yourself go, create.

TA24. The professional line of products for tattoo artists.

TA24 is the professional line of products for the creation and care of the tattoo based on St. John’s wort, an officinal plant with extraordinary healing properties. The TA24 formula is designed for all those who believe that tattooing is a universal language through which the artist interprets and codifies a feeling, a truth. Very high quality products that every artist should have in his studio, professional lotions that are created to protect, take care of, keep the design alive on the skin.


TA24. The power of nature.

TA24 products are based on an innovative formula that combines human science with the power of the naturally occurring elements. From the aloe vera to the vitamin and the red vine, to get to the Hypericum, central element and common denominator of the whole line.
All TA24 products are free from animal-derived products and are not tested on animals either.
Perfect for everyone, including Vegans!


HYPERICUM: St. John’s wort.

The Hypericum perforatum is also named perforate St. John’s wort because it commonly flowers blossoms and is harvested around St. John’s Feast Day on June 24. The herb is hung up on house and shop doors on St John’s Feast day to ward off evil spirits and to safeguard against harm and sickness to man and livestock. It’s a powerful medicinal plant with healing actions known and used since ancient times, it is known to heal both body and soul, as it’s rich in antidepressant properties. St John’s Wort is also rich in beta-carotene and has decongestant and anti-inflammatory functions, perfect for tattoo healing!


TA24. Safety and scientific rigour made in Italy.

TA24 products are designed and created in Italy at Icnoderm laboratories, Icnoderm an innovative start-up based in Sardinia, certified and specialized in the cosmetics and medical device sector.